5 Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

It is important to find the best vacuum for laminate floors to avoid damaging this type of floor. Laminate floors are great to have in your home.

However, they come with a quite some responsibility in reference to cleaning them. Keep in mind that you need the right type of vacuum to serve different types of flooring.

This ensures that you have the best results. You can get rid of dirt, pet hair, as well as other debris.

With the best laminate floor vacuum, you will be able to ensure your floor remains good as new. Here is a guide to help you make the right choice.

Top 5 Laminate Floor Vacuum Comparison Chart

Recommended Top 5 Vacuum for Laminate Floors Reviews

The market offers a number of vacuum cleaners for laminate flooring all promising to meet your needs and preferences. They come in different designs and offer varying features.

The advancement of technology is leading to better and efficient products. The following top 5 reviews highlight the best vacuum for laminate floors to consider in 2017. Looking at your specific needs and preferences, you will be able to identify the best vacuum for you.

1. Shark navigator lift-away professional upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Those looking for the best-selling upright vacuum for laminate floors will appreciate this model.

It comes with outstanding features that will allow you keep allergens away.

In addition, it makes it easier to handle with easy maneuverability.

The shark navigator lift-away professional upright vacuum comes with outstanding features to meet its functionality and ease of use.

Convenient 2-in-1 Vacuum

In an effort to boost convenience, this model comes with 2-in-1 vacuum. This will ensure you can reach out to all corners. This is because it is upright when you need it and you can lift it away, which makes it easier for portable cleaning.

Whether it is on level grounds or along your stairs, cleaning remains easy and fast. Its adjustable suction makes it easier for you to clean smaller rugs as well.

Efficient Attachments

This model comes with efficient attachments to help address varying cleaning processes. The dust away hard floor attachment helps clean out dust from hard floors.

In addition, it comes with two washable micro fiber pads. These come in handy in ensuring that you gather all the debris and dust from the bare floor.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

There is no reason why you should spend time cleaning only for you to distribute dust. With its seal technology, once it pulls in the dust, it ensures that it remains inside.

You will not experience a dusty environment just because you are cleaning. To meet this functionality, a HEPA filter accompanies this seal technology. Together, they ensure allergens remain in the vacuum thus leaving you healthy and in a clean environment.

Powerful Yet Remains Lightweight

Nothing beats a machine that is powerful to ease cleaning while at the same time remains lightweight. This is because it makes it easy for you to get around thanks to its 13.7-pound weight capacity.

While it eases portability, you will also love the aspect of maneuverability very convenient. Its stand design makes it easy to store away even for those with minimum storage space.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Features anti-allergen complete seal technology
  • Comes with dust-away hard floor attachment
  • Has 2 washable microfiber pads
  • Powerful yet lightweight
  • You will not have to worry about it losing suction power ever
  • It comes with attachments for better cleaning
  • The dust container comes with an extra-large capacity to pick more dirt before the need to empty
  • Features anti-allergen complete seal technology to keep dirt and mall particles in
  • It is easy to maneuver
  • It is light in weight
  • It is versatile allowing you to use it under various circumstances
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The hose that leads to the wand is relatively short
  • You cannot use the lift away for dusting your electronics

Final Words

Overall, this is a great upright model to help clean your laminate floor. It has sufficient space to hold your dirt so you do not have to frequently empty its bags. Keep allergens away from your home and enjoy the company of your favorite pet.

2. Dirt Devil Power Air Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum SD20505

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If you are looking for a stick vacuum, this model is ideal for hard floors.

It is powerful, convenient, as well as efficient for a quick clean up. Its dimensions are ideal for use around smaller spaces.

It meets both the aspects of functionality as well as offers a great design.

Dirt Devil Power Air Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum features stand out to deliver on every homes desires.

Features Cyclonic Filtration

The added advantage of cyclonic filtration is its ability to clean through all types of messes. In addition, it will retain its powerful suction.

This combination ensures that no matter where you are cleaning, nothing will interrupt your cleaning process. Your laminate floor remains clean no matter what dirt seems to be on it while retaining its functionality.

Offers Bagless Convenience

With a bagless machine, you do not have to worry about emptying bags. All you have to do is replace the bag once it is full to capacity.

This ensures that you do not come into contact with the dirt and dust after cleaning. This makes it ideal for individuals whose allergies are sensitive to dust and debris.

Features a Powerful 10 Amp Motor

You need a model with a powerful amp to help meet your suction needs. Keep in mind that you are looking to clean a bare floor. In this, this model ensures that you do not have to repeat the same spot repeatedly.

While it takes pride in a powerful motor, it remains lightweight to help boost convenience. With a powerful motor comes great suction power to get rid of all dirt on your floor.

It Features a One-Touch Bottom Empty Dirt Cup

You definitely want a machine that makes it easier for you to clean your home as well as clean it. Thanks to its one-touch bottom empty dirt cup, it will meet this objective.

All you have to do is drop it and all the dirt is out of your way. This eliminates the risk of spreading any dirt or dust from the bag.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Features cyclonic filtration
  • Offers bagless convenience
  • Features a powerful 10 amp motor
  • Allows for an 11-inch cleaning path
  • It features a one-touch bottom empty dirt cup
  • It offers great suction capabilities thanks to its powerful motor
  • It is lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • It will not lose it power over time
  • It is relatively affordable considering it ranks under the best vacuum under $100
  • It is easy to assemble as well as empty
  • It is relatively silent so you do not have to worry about bothering your neighbors
  • You can store it hanging
  • It has sturdy wheels with a lengthy cord for easy coverage
  • You need to be precise when replacing the dirt cup
  • It has a plastic casing which may not be everyone’s preference

Final words

This model is ideal for hard floors. However, it would not be ideal for use with homes that have furry pets. Other than this, a great home addition such as this, will deliver on functionality. It is easy to maneuver making it reliable and convenient.

3. Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Corded Vacuum

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Are you looking for a versatile vacuum for your laminate floor that will also clean your rags and carpets?

This Dyson model is a great consideration. It will not only meet this objective but also boost maneuverability.

This Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Corded Vacuum Review highlights its best features.

l It Has a Self-Adjusting Cleaner Head

A key advantage of owning this machine is its self-adjusting cleaner head. This plays a major role in allowing it to clean on hard floors as well as on carpets and rags.

This makes it versatile and ensures your home is clean on every corner. Accompanying this is great suction power that ensures it meets your functional needs. This cleaner head makes it convenient as well as efficient.

It Features HEPA Filtration

Persons with allergies as well as those with pets will appreciate this feature. HEPA filtration plays a major role in ensuring that it traps allergens and harmful microorganisms inside.

This ensures that your surroundings are clean and healthy for you. This will also trap all particles, which translates to clean air. Other than the floor, you can also vacuum the walls making it versatile.

Built With Ball Technology

This model delivers on the ease of maneuverability thanks to this ball feature. This technology makes it easy for your device to maneuver even in difficult places. This ensures that you do not leave any corners dirty.

This also allows you to change between floor materials with ease. With a simple twist of your wrist, the device will make the necessary adjustments on the floor.

Allows for Easy and Fast Bin Emptying

This machine comes with a button that will ease all your emptying process. This is because; this button will release all the dirt into your bin. You have no need to turn anything or dig your hand into the device.

Highlighted Key Features

  • It has a self-adjusting cleaner head
  • It features HEPA filtration
  • Built with ball technology for easy maneuverability
  • Allows for easy and fast bin emptying
  • It comes with attachments to cater for different flooring
  • It is versatile allowing you to clean even rugs
  • It is easy to empty after use
  • It traps allergens and dust particles to leave your home fresh and clean
  • It is easy to maneuver even between tight spaces
  • It is easily portable.
  • It is allergy friendly
  • Allows for easy cleaning of high positions thanks to its instant release wand
  • The cord does not automatically unwind
  • It can be heavy for some individuals

Final Words

This is the best Dyson vacuum for laminate floors and those who use fabric. This is because they are versatile as well as hygienic for people with allergies. Its great combination of features secures it the best multi-surface vacuum 2017.

4. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum 81L2A

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If you are looking for the best hard surface vacuum for laminate floors, this model is a great consideration.

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum serves well individuals who own pets.

In addition, it eases the process of cleaning between tight spaces. It features outstanding specifications to deliver its purpose.

This is best for individuals with pets as well as has hard floors.

Easy Maneuverability with Flexible Swivel Head

It features a swivel head that makes it easy for you to clean between and around furniture. This is because it is flexible thus making it easy to make the best of cleaning processes.

It ensures that you can reach out to all dirt and dust without necessarily shifting your furniture. With ease in maneuverability, you will be able to complete your task fast thus saving on time.

Versatile Cleaning Capabilities

While this item is ideal for cleaning hard floors, it is also great for rugs. Thanks to its cyclonic cleaning system, it gathers dust, dirt, as well as debris.

This ensures that your home is safe even for those with allergies. It is also lightweight making it easy to get around. Despite the difficulty in moving along a staircase, it is easy to use once you lay it on the surface.

5 Amps Power Rating with a 20” Power Cord

It offers a powerful suction capability, which in turn offers better performance. This ensures that it cleans thoroughly. With its 20-inch cord, you will be able to reach out to different corners.

This length is adequate to ensure that as you clean, it does not tangle. In addition, it is long enough making it easier to maneuver around over wide distances.

Easy to Empty Dirt Cup

After vacuuming to your satisfaction, the benefits do not end here. You will not experience the hassle of having to clean the bag since it is bagless. Accompanied by rubber attachments, it is easier to attract pet hair even from corners.

All you have to do is switch bag when they are full. In this, cleaning is easy and fast right from the start to the end. With this, right about anyone can use it.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Ideal for hard floor types
  • Features a cyclonic cleaning system
  • It is bagless
  • Has a 20” power cord with a 5 Amps power rating
  • It is lightweight making it easy to maneuver
  • Its swivel head allows for easy maneuverability between tight spaces
  • It captures both smaller and larger debris effectively
  • It is versatile allowing you to clean even rugs
  • It is easy to empty after use
  • It grabs animal fur with ease
  • Clean up is easy
  • It does not require attachments
  • You cannot use it with drapes or ceiling as it does not come with any attachments
  • It can be difficult to use it on stairs

Final Words

Keep your home clean and sparkling as well as enjoy the company of your pet next to you. It delivers on functionality as well as offers an outstanding design. Get rid of all the dirt and dust while ensuring it stays away.

5. Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Hard Floors Vacuum Cleaner

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Are you looking for the best cordless vacuum for laminate floors?

Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Hard Floors Vacuum will satisfy this objective. This is ideal for use with hard floors especially for pet owners.

In addition, it works great for both simple as well as difficult cleaning tasks.

Check out its key features that help boost its functionality. l It features a soft-rolling cleaning head With this feature, you will be able to clean your hard floors with the ability to remove debris.

In addition, you will be able to clean off dust and smaller particles to ensure a clean environment.

Their soft nature ensures that it does not damage your surface.

It Features a 2-tier 15 Cyclone Airflow System

This airflow system functions to ensure that it captures all the dirt and dust. It offers 6 minutes of higher suction that will help you tackle on difficult tasks or stubborn dirt.

This strength ensures that you can handle different surfaces. In addition, it is bagless thus reducing the overall cost of having to replace bags.

Allows for Balanced Floor to Ceiling Cleaning

The versatility of this device enable you to not only clean your floor but also above. The bottom line is that you can you can clean anywhere you need.

This is because it also comes with great attachments that to enable you clean your entire home. Each of the attachments ensures that they meet their objectives without any damages to the varying surfaces.

It is Easily Convertible to a Handheld Vacuum

In an effort to boost versatility as well as convenience, you can convert this into a handheld vacuum. This makes it easier to work on other fabrics as well as on other surfaces.

Its lightweight features also make this a breeze when handling it. In addition, you can use it to vacuum your car seats as well as other tight spots.

Highlighted Key Features

  • It features a soft-rolling cleaning head
  • It features a 2-tier 15 cyclone airflow system
  • Allows for balanced floor to ceiling cleaning
  • It is easily convertible to a handheld vacuum
  • It comes with a number of attachments to help promote efficiency
  • You can convert it to a handheld vacuum for convenience
  • It is lightweight thus boosting maneuverability
  • It is easy to handle
  • It offers great suction
  • As a cordless vacuum, it charges and installs easily
  • You can also use it for cleaning your car
  • You will require more storage space
  • The attachments are specific so be sure to use the right one or it will damage your surface

 Final Words

This vacuum is ideal for persons who are looking for a versatile model for all their vacuuming needs. It comes with a number of attachments to meet this objective.

Its ability to convert into a handheld vacuum provides an added advantage. The above reviews on laminate floors vacuum for the year 2019 highlight the devices key features.

These key features define their capabilities and the key difference between the varying models. They highlight their strengths and weaknesses so you can settle for the best to meet your needs.

By understanding the pros and cons of each product, you will be able to weigh what works best. The reviews cover different brands so you can make your best choice.

In this, you have no reason not to invest in the best. They are functional as well as durable to serve you in the long-term.

What is the Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors?

The best vacuum should have the ability to clean your laminate floor without damaging it. It should be able to get rid of dirt and dust.

For all pet owners, it should be able to get rid of the different types of debris. In this, you do not want a vacuum with a hard brush or a beater bar that may damage your floor’s surface.

You can choose between the upright, canister, or the stick vacuum type models. Depending on your needs, likes, and preference, you will be able to pick out the best laminate floor vacuum.

What Factors Should One Consider When Buying a Laminate Floors Vacuum?

There is a wide array of laminate floor vacuums promising to clean your floor. In this, it is important you seek to identify the perfect laminate floors vacuum.

There are a number of factors to put into consideration as you shop for one. To help guide you, consider the following factors when shopping to buy a laminate floor vacuum.

Suction Power: The suction power plays a key role in determining its performance. To look into this consideration, you will be looking at its power capability.

To help you get started, look at specifications on the watts, amps, volt, water lift, airflow, as well as horsepower. A more powerful motor provides better suction capability. Those with pets and need to get rid of debris, it is best that you go for higher suction power.

Attachments: It is important that you choose one that comes with attachments that are specific to laminate flooring. The addition of attachments will enable you to use one device that can clean different types of floors.

This makes it versatile, which is important for homes with different flooring. If there are no attachments, check if you can turn the available brushes on or off. Bottom line is that you need a product that will promote versatility.

Filtration System: The filtration system is an important consideration. You are looking to suck in both dirt and dust and ensure it remains in the dust bag. The last thing you want is to gather the dust from the floor and then distribute it in the air.

HEPA filtration and other advanced filtration play the role of increasing resistance thus boosting easy cleanup. Consider the material of the dust bag. This ensures you hold the fine dirt and particles.

Noise levels: Completely silent vacuums are not here yet. Considering your surroundings, a vacuum cleaner will portray different noise levels. Spacious rooms with limited furniture leave room for an echo, which will in turn make it noisier.

Canister vacuum cleaners tend to leave less noise. However, if your home does not leave an echo, you can work with right about any product. This is as long as it meets your needs and preferences.

Lightweight: In an effort to ease your cleaning process, it is best that you work with a lightweight vacuum. In addition, a lightweight piece of equipment makes it easily portable. This is both when cleaning as well as when moving it from one point to another.

This also plays a key role in ensuring that you do not strain or tire easily. Lightweight models also make it easier for you to have more coverage thus completing your task on time.

Bagged or Bagless: The bags play the role of holding the dirt when cleaning. A bagless vacuum may be cost effective but you will require more filters. These filters require periodic cleaning or replacement depending on the filter in use.

For those with asthma or allergies, bagless vacuums can be difficult to empty due to the dust and mess available. Bagged vacuums require that you empty them every time you vacuum or as soon as it fills.

Budget: The saying that the more you spend, the better the product is not always true. It is important that you work with a budget that is in your reach. The catch lies in identifying the best within your budget.

Always remain cautious of the features. In some instances, you may be paying so much for features you will not use. In this, you can cut down to your budget by identifying a machine that is specific to your needs.

Customer Reviews: When looking to shop around, always look at the customer reviews online. This will leave you with an overview over the functionality of your product. Every manufacturer is looking to sell their product and they will always highlight the positives.

Search under different platforms such as blogs to ensure you get a wide perspective. Customer reviews will help you to better understand the product as well as highlight the good or bad.

Other Considerations

It is important that one consider the design of the different models in the market. While it does not affect functionality, it is bound to meet ones preferences. The key objective is to identify a design that fits comfortable in your hands.

This eases its operations. In addition, seeking one with a long hose will come in handy. With this, you do not have to look for a close power outlet. After all, you cannot have power outlets at every corner of your home.

Final Verdict

The advancement in technology has led to better and more powerful vacuum cleaners. Laminate floors are sensitive and require attention to retain its beauty. Using traditional methods can be tiring as well as time-consuming.

Depending on your specific needs and preferences, you will identify the best choice from the above devices. They deliver on both functionality as well as offer great designs. Their key differences make it easier to tackle given surfaces as well as different circumstances.

Enjoy the beauty of your laminate floor in the long-term. Meet this capability by choosing one of the above best vacuums for laminate floors 2017.

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